collaboration 2 by 2 EP / tatsu vs. zucchini [bump005] (2006.01.08)

bump005 cover image

Release notes

This is the first release in 2006. This time, zucchini and label organizer tatsu made this collaboration. The EP begins with tatsu's "come in...", which has somewhat jazzy mood. And zucchini's minimal house tracks follow. This EP ends with "can I touch it?" by tatsu, shuffle beat.


Bump Foot is quickly becoming one of my favorite netlabels. Their latest release features tracks from label founder, Tatsu, as well as collaborator, Zucchini. I almost picked Tatsu's "Come In" for this feature, but I got caught up in the catchy chords and minimal electro style rhythms in "Walking Around".
Starfrosch (in Germany)
Da gibts nichts zu Rülpsen: Leicht tanzbarer und interessanter Sound von Bump Foot. Mediterane Zuccini leicht gebraten mit Salz und Pfeffer und ganz viel leckerem Olivenöl.


Track list

  1. come in... / tatsu (6:59)
  2. walking around / zucchini (6:32)
  3. playing around / zucchini (6:13)
  4. can I touch it? / tatsu (6:54)

MP3, total time 26:40, total size 31.9MB