Internet Dependence Syndrome / Tatsu [bump111] (2009.05.31)

bump111 cover image

Release notes

Tatsu opened the door to Bump Foot's fifth year. Here comes his latest release, since night walker EP in 2007. All tracks are slower than previous releases, they are between 100 and 110 BPM. At the same time they are a bit more melodic tracks (especially tr. 2 and 3), it feels like they were influenced by IDM or like that.


With an elegant and objective requalification of his work, Tatsu makes benevolent changes to his smart reputation. These "ids" releases, have taken a real depth, even if Tatsu still refuses an illusory intellectualism. soft and fine ? the main and last words belongs to him ... couper decaler.


Track list

  1. Music Forest (8:34)
  2. Discriminant (7:07)
  3. Underground Worldwide (7:04)
  4. Couper Decaler (6:19)

MP3, total time 29:04, total size 66.5MB