Dimitris Diavatis was born 1972 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Classical pianist, with studies in greece and germany. In spring 2000 he moved to Croatia. In time and through various circumstances his interests in music changed focus, as he started using the computer and finding new ways of musical expression. His speciality is drum 'n' bass and a demo track he produced got especially good review in the British magazine Future Music. In 2002 he became a member of the Croatian Composers' Association. In the same year, the Croatian national television started using Dimitris’music in their science programs. In 2003 he became the music producer and assistant sound recordist in the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2004 he became an artist in the internet netlabel subliminaltapeclub.com in Brussels. In 2005 Dimitris’music was selected for the "Enigma objects exhibition" in Zagreb by the head of the marketing of the Modern Arts Museum and the Paris Pompidou Museum representative. His music was also used for exhibitions in "the modern arts Ludwig museum" in Budapest. In the same year his first compilation was published on CD by Aquarius Records. In February 2006 he became an independent sound recordist, specialized in live recordings of classical music.


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