6+6=12 / QX#55 [foot037] (2007.04.02)

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Release notes

New comer QX#55 from Latvia with full album. It has no concrete musical style, it starts with ambient sounds, then something from IDM... wide range of electronica. "Those tracks are produced in last year and some are fresh".


Net-Label Review
Beautiful melodies move the air around you when you listen to this album. What a pleasure it is. Pure ambient... soft, relaxing, quiet, soothing all come to mind when listening to 6+6=12. There are a few very quiet tracks which I didn't really catch. Sort of missed my eardrums almost, but every now and then a beautiful melody slips in and you cant help but smile. It's like Boards of Canada on rohypnol. Almost childlike at times. Later on in the release QX#55 moves away from the pure ambient and the album gets a little more rhythm with varying success. A lot of drum and bass elements which lean towards IDM. There are a few tracks which I didn't enjoy too much, and only two or three which I didn't appreciate... (might just be the mood im in though)


Track list

  1. 23 Peak (5:13)
  2. Birth (5:33)
  3. Rubber Glass (2:26)
  4. 2 And 1 (2:40)
  5. Amber Voice (2:43)
  6. Teddy Bear (2:57)
  7. Moonlight Agency (4:28)
  8. Casasoso (4:01)
  9. Talking Machine (4:16)
  10. Organs #77 (4:10)
  11. After All (6:00)
  12. Bhou-red (4:24)
  13. Monet Planet (3:37)
  14. There's Nothing More, Than.. (3:48)
  15. Thursday 0.02 (3:57)
  16. Standing By (3:47)
  17. Number 0 (#0) (4:16)

MP3, total time 1:08:16, total size 93.8MB