Nikouala [foot080] (2008.06.22)

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Release notes

This album is a retrospective of Nikouala's music, recorded between 2004-07 at Porto (Nikouala Mobile Studios) and Barcelos (Oops! studio) - Portugal. Nikouala's work was first released in two separated volumes, by honeysound in 2005 and 2007; "Vol.1" is the soundtrack created by Nikouala for the theatre plays "Le Petit Monstre", written by Jasmine Dubé (Canada) and "Mestre Gepeto" by António Torrado (Portugal); "Vol.2" is the result of several experiences for live performances at Museu de Olaria de Barcelos and Casa da Juventude de Esposende (Portugal) and at the Certame Audiovisual Internacional de Vilagarcía de Arousa (Spain), based on Buster Keaton's silent movie "The General". "Gepetto's death" was used in the short feature "Não Contes o Segredo" at the Fast Forward Film Festival (Braga-Portugal) and "Aggiornamento" was used in the "RGB Concept" trailer, first presented at the Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto (Porto-Portugal). Nikouala performed live for Portuguese national television RTP2 versions of "Operation : You think you can change the world and then..." and "". The album is available for full free download at Bump Foot (Japanese Edition).


Track list

  1. Gepetto's Death (3:01)
  2. Inside The Belly Of The Whale (4:52)
  3. Le Petit Monstre (3:17)
  4. De Bonne Heure (1:12)
  5. L'Orange (1:38)
  6. Aggiornamento (3:49)
  7. Operation : You think you can change the world and then... (3:27)
  8. (1:29)
  9. Belikhose (2:59)

MP3, total time 25:44, total size 35.3MB