Soon, close, maybe too far / Julien Mier [foot103] (2009.05.17)

foot103 cover image

Release notes

Fresh and young talent from Netherlands. Here comes Julien Mier's EP, "Soon, close, maybe too far". "The snow used to be here" and "Sleep in sand" : beautiful electronica tunes, they remind me of Reii. "Life in a teacup" and "A name, a good day" : well-crafted drum 'n' bass tracks, featuing some vocals. Calm and chilling "Sunfish" is the highlight for me, before the last track, mystic and oriental "Over the hill" closes this EP.


Track list

  1. The snow used to be here (4:02)
  2. Sleep in sand (3:59)
  3. Life in a teacup (4:13)
  4. A name, a good day (3:56)
  5. Sunfish (5:07)
  6. Over the hill (4:24)

MP3, total time 25:40, total size 58.7MB