These Are Your Options / AViD [foot105] (2009.05.24)

foot105 cover image

Release notes

After releasing "The Measurement Spoils the Data" (Experimedia) and "Ambia" (Clinical Archives), Mental Health Consumer showed us his another style as AViD: Advances in Obsolete Technology. It's a collection of upbeat electronic music, consists of techno and breakbeat tracks.


Track list

  1. The Best Part Of Waking Up (3:06)
  2. What Are My Options (4:53)
  3. Covered Row Comparisons Revealed (9:37)
  4. Leap Frog (3:13)
  5. Bird House (5:36)
  6. Dozens Or Hundreds (3:43)
  7. Lost Or Left Behind (5:35)
  8. Recreation (5:34)

MP3, total time 41:17, total size 75.6MB