While We Sleep / Mosaic Mosaic [foot147] (2010.06.27)

foot147 cover image

Release notes

Mosaic Mosaic is the first artist from Australia to Bump Foot. Floating IDM, electronic folk, glitch, electro pop, field-recording and noise... all of them will make us relax and feel easy. Happiest Lion (U.S.) and Vlantis (Japan) supported this EP. Some tunes remind me of Julien Mier.

  • All tracks written and produced by David Smith
  • Vocals and lyrics in "Float, Little Balloon" by Caleb Groh
  • Vocaloid and lyrics in "On Return" programmed by Vlantis


Track list

  1. While We Sleep (3:05)
  2. Float, Little Balloon (with Happiest Lion) (4:11)
  3. 11:11 (1:50)
  4. Brand New (2:13)
  5. On Return (with Vlantis) (3:30)
  6. Welcome Home (4:47)

MP3, total time 19:35, total size 46.1MB