Songs of the Emptying Race: Second Thought Remixed [foot170] (2011.03.06)

foot170 cover image

Release notes

Second Thought's remix album began originally in 2004, and was completed in 2011. He personally selected remixes and remixers who he thought could bring something new and interesting to the selected tracks. This album also exists as a chance for fans of artists involved to discover a new range of producers and musicians they may never have heard before. It is varied, with mixes ranging from the ambient drone of Off Land to the glitchy breaks of Mercurial, and everything in between. Also features a three tracks from Second Thought himself, including a piece from his awakenings performance in February 2011.



Track list

  1. Hulme, Mystified Remix (4:06)
  2. Rooftops, Part 3 (4:46)
  3. Canal Seven, New Junction (11:36)
  4. Meltwater, Off Land Recon (7:52)
  5. Send More Bees, Sned Moor Bess (6:12)
  6. Envtza, aztvnE (6:33)
  7. Street, Tyrol Mix (5:05)
  8. Clouded, Austin Cassell Remix (5:04)
  9. Moss, Merganser Memix (7:06)
  10. Fences, Full-Source Remix (6:05)
  11. Tekeli-li, Seafar Remix (11:03)
  12. Parin Onia, Treatment (2:49)
  13. Ice Shelf, Validine Chronus Remix (6:42)
  14. Branches, Gliese 614 Remix (3:23)
  15. Tiwhwias, Our King is Dead! Retreat to the Sewers (1:51)
  16. Rooms, Brillman Remix (4:33)
  17. Night Train, Live (4:05)
  18. Kelpie, Loose Link Remix (4:36)
  19. Borderline, Mercurial Remix (4:32)

MP3, total time 1:47:59, total size 154MB