Hug For Weirdo / Push And Play [foot204] (2012.07.29)

foot204 cover image

Release notes

The first band from Indonesia to Bump Foot. Their debut EP consists of 5 tracks, electro-pop as a kind of bedroom music. "Weirdo. Uncommon people. Strange glance, different from the mainstream. They need hug, guys. Keep them breathing. What a wonderful life, harmony through differences. We might call as weirdo. We love being called so, with a hug!"


Track list

  1. Good Morning (4:03)
  2. My Disderi (2:53)
  3. My Bedroom (3:02)
  4. Quena (3:15)
  5. Fix (2:56)

MP3, total time 16:09, total size 31.3MB