Mostly I Like Everything / Cagey House [foot205] (2012.08.05)

foot205 cover image

Release notes

"These pieces are basically hyper-inclusive, hyper-active collages", he says. Mostly I Like Everything is the fourth album by Cagey House, also known as Dave Keifer. "The source tracks were composed over a period of maybe two years, and incorporate a wide variety of styles. Those tracks were then cut-up and rearranged several times, with as little rational thought as possible." The cover is by Brandi Strickland.


Track list

  1. Through Yonder Window (2:34)
  2. That Place That Isn't There Anymore (You Know) (2:43)
  3. He's Right About The Strings (But He's No Sun Ra) (4:25)
  4. If We Can't Leave We Can't Enter (4:03)
  5. Watch The Hook (2:43)
  6. Hidden Carol (And Blatant Conversation) (2:55)
  7. Jon Is Right Again (2:40)
  8. It Could Have Been A Cowboy (2:11)
  9. Bells And Questions (4:12)
  10. What's The Rumpus (5:37)

MP3, total time 34:04, total size 65.2MB