Red Music / Gridline [foot211] (2012.11.18)

foot211 cover image

Release notes

On his sixth EP, Gridline avoided using so many different styles as previous releases. "This collection is made of tracks which sound like a mixture of my earlier ambient tracks and those with beats". The tracks are based upon emotional melodies. "But I'd say that some of them, especially Four Suns and Broken Robots, sound like they were made by a machine".


Track list

  1. 1999 (4:20)
  2. Four Suns (3:38)
  3. Broken Robots (3:17)
  4. Several Voices Behind My Head (2:15)
  5. Clockwork (4:12)
  6. Going Crazy (3:00)

MP3, total time 20:41, total size 39.2MB