Awkward Hugs / C. Reider [foot229] (2014.09.14)

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Release notes

Awkward Hugs is by C. Reider, a guest from Vuzh Music netlabel. "This is some work I did in 2007, directly after ending my work with the drone collective Drone Forest. I wanted to do some music that fell far outside of that group's constraints (no beat, no melody). This music reflects an interest in minimal techno that I had at the time. The exploration of beat-oriented material during this time eventually led to the series of releases I called The Electret Quintet, which merged the accessible material presented here with a more experimental approach."

Credits : "August" contains a drum loop by Harlan Lyman. "Fast Hands" contains the voice of Matthew Westra, from a public domain audiobook of "Complete Hypnotism, Mind-Reading and Spiritualism" by A. Alpheus.


Track list

  1. Modest Phase (7:06)
  2. Maquina (3:00)
  3. Naggokt (5:31)
  4. August (5:47)
  5. Fast Hands (7:10)
  6. Last Final (5:18)

MP3, total time 33:51, total size 64.5MB