Disfigured Tales / Project Hypoxia [foot249] (2015.09.20)

foot249 cover image

Release notes

The new album from Project Hypoxia. Eight songs, eight roads, eight doors that show to listener the darkest corners of the universe. "Close your eyes and start your way through the darkness and emptiness." Written & mastered between 2014 - 2015 by Project Hypoxia. Artwork by Olga Chernikova. Thanks to Olga Chernikova, Anastasia Padma, Maria Ljatun, Olga Sheliganova, Amber Tribe, Sonia Kravets, Pavel Kornev aka " lord krepelka", Maria aka "Pika", and Aleksandra Harchenko.


Track list

  1. Son Of The Monolith (5:56)
  2. Nigredo (5:20)
  3. Forest & Wolves (6:47)
  4. Redskin (6:46)
  5. White Paradigm (4:37)
  6. Mirror Mask (Feat. Lord Krepelka) (6:35)
  7. Sgustok (5:14)
  8. Maidens Of Charity (8:09)

MP3, total time 49:24, total size 87.8MB