Sail / 10 Waves Of You [foot252] (2016.04.17)

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Release notes

10 Waves Of You is an ambient electronic one-man band from Italy. "Sail" is his second (the first in here) release containing 4 tracks. "Even it's just a 4 track EP it took me quite some time to put it together, that's because I pushed myself a lot in terms of sonic research, learning a bit trying to blend more that one genre and discarding a lot of rehearsals or almost finished songs. It's the culmination of 6 months of making music on my own in my home studio. For me it's a small wonderful journey starting from the title track which is my first non-guitar song till the last song Round Window that is the most groovy and maybe easy listening song. The mid songs are best of both worlds, or at least what I believe they are."


Track list

  1. Sail (4:13)
  2. South West Wind (5:37)
  3. Sunburst (5:16)
  4. Round Window (4:53)

MP3, total time 19:59, total size 36.2MB