A. S. Hereb / Ishtar


I don't generally think of myself as a musician, nor an artist, but sometimes, I feel compelled to create. I never know how the final result would sound like. I never have a clear idea to start from. I never, ever, have limits of style, length and subject. I just sit in front of my sequencer: a keyboard near me and a silent room around. Then I close my eyes and let all the feelings inside me, the ideas, the images etched upon my memory during my whole life, slowly rise to the surface. I could not describe exactly how I compose. I try different sounds and loops, and they just feel right or wrong in the exact moment I lay them on the screen. The composition of all my musical works is a mystery for myself in the first place. Some kind of secret magic I remember to perform once in a while. As I said, I don't generally think of myself as a musician. But sometimes, I like to think I can realize small magics, in form of EP.

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