• Real name: Nickolai Varlamov
  • Birth date: 8th of January, 1989
  • Birth place: Latvia, Daugavpils
  • Genres: IDM, Ambient, Noise, Downtempo
  • Influences: "Urban Jungle" – Drum 'n’Bass mix by Aphrodite, Orbital, Aphex Twin, 30[eks], Arovane, Mum. Not talking about what is around us...

I've started to produce music on early millennium year 2000 with marvelous bugged program on PS called "Music 2000". It was very nice time spending. After that, in 2007 started to push the buttons on the most popular in the world music program. Producing music makes me happy. I would even happier when PC's part in making music will be less and less. Playing acoustic instruments, especially accordion and piano makes me fly. Also, I won't hide, sharing music to the world and thinking, hearing that my "work" makes people happy, or sad, any kind of feelings - makes me proud and again, happy.


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